Technology has provided us with new ways to use the media as a means of getting our message out to the world, beyond the traditional forms of media such as print and radio – although I do love the traditional forms, there is most definitely still a place for them at the right time and with the right story. 

The podcast is one such media form that is growing in popularity and for good reason. 

Around 62 million people in the U.S. listen to podcasts each week. That’s 25% of Americans.

Most weekly podcast listeners listen to an average of seven a week, according to communications regulator, Ofcom.

But what makes a podcast super powerful, is that listenership is not only building, but those listeners are intentionally seeking that podcast and have an intention to learn.  The podcast creates a very niche and targetable audience. Ripe for business owners and experts like you, to reach with your expertise and message! 

Do not write off podcasts because you think you will be lost in the sea of options out there – there’s never been a better time to consider podcasts as part of your PR strategy and here’s why. 

Connecting with relevant and new audiences has certainly been made easier with the growth of podcasts; with interviews, guesting and mentions all contributing to a PR strategy that might otherwise be struggling or actually be the campaign in its entirety. Take a look at my client Rowan who used podcasts as his entire strategy.

And when selecting a podcast to appear as a guest, it’s not always about having big audience numbers.  It’s more about how engaged and relevant the network is. Studies have shown that podcasts target a niche demographic. Listeners have chosen to download that podcast because they are captivated by a specific topic, suggesting that they are a more actionable audience and therefore a bigger pool of much warmer leads than using a more scattergun media approach and hoping to hook only a few ideal leads amongst thousands of useless ones simply because you were dazzled by the viewer or reader numbers. 

By identifying the podcasts in your niche, you are in effect, creating your own targeted marketing campaign without the ad spend! 

The power of podcasts for PR is becoming more and more evident. It’s a modern and effective way to share your brand message and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. 

For brands wanting to increase exposure, grow their following and connect to audiences in a meaningful and genuine way, being a guest on a carefully selected podcast should be top of their PR objectives. 

The shows you decide to pitch should speak about your subject area. For example, if you are a former midwife who now owns a retail store selling pregnancy related products and have knowledge of maternity issues, and products to help soon to be parents, then pitch yourself to guest on a podcast that provides health advice for new mums and shares the latest gadgets and products to support a smooth pregnancy, hosted by a mum, or parenting coach or perhaps a medical professional. 

My final piece of advice – podcasts are about storytelling and educating as opposed to selling. You are unlikely to be selected as a guest if your pitch is too salesy.

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