I wanted to address an issue that arises frequently when business owners consider PR for their business. Quite often they have a very clear vision of what they want PR to do for them; sometimes this is driven by observing someone else’s success using PR, other times they simply have a big dream and PR is the strategy that is going to make the dream reality. 

You may relate to this yourself – I want to sell thousands of books, become an Amazon best seller overnight, I want to appear on Oprah, I want to be on mainstream TV, I want to be interviewed all over the world and go global in a few weeks.  These are all fantastic goals and of course, PR can contribute to achieving all of this and more, however PR is not the only tool within the marketing machine, that contributes to making this happen. 

A bit like running a FB AD campaign is not in itself, going to generate sales.  Unless the ad leads through to a quality offering, customers are able to safely pay through a landing page or website, you deliver what you say you will and people can enquire if they have an issue, then you are unlikely to convert those lead. If any stage of that process fails, it doesn’t matter how well you ran the campaign if a part of the machine doesn’t work or deliver. It is the same with PR.

You could secure a fantastic interview on radio but when listeners reach your website or find you on socials, they feel let down by the lack of information, links don’t work, it is slow to load, there is no information about the topic you spoke on radio about, the social link on your site doesn’t work, your IG feed was last posted on over a month ago…you get the idea.

PR has many moving parts and securing the coverage albeit fantastic and exhilarating, is only one part of the process, it is what you do prior and post that coverage, that matters too and will matter when it comes to actually converting those readers, listeners or viewers, into raving fans and paying customers.

Great customer experience and service, starts before your coverage and doesn’t end once you have been interviewed. It is all part of PR. I will use an analogy from my 12-year-old son who watched a promotion for a restaurant. It was a great ad and he said it made him want to try the food. However, when he did, he was bitterly disappointed and his first words were, ‘the food doesn’t look or taste anything like I thought it would!’ And he has never gone back. Customer lost. See my point? You can have the greatest PR but if when the customer engages with you, they meet with disappointment, your PR campaign was wasted. 

But where does the client place the blame or consider the failure? Do they reflect on their ‘product’ and customer experience? Nope! They think they haven’t had enough PR or the PR they did secure, wasn’t ‘big’ enough and so the PR has failed them!  The good old ‘magic pill’ didn’t fix things and deliver their dream.

My advice – preparation for PR is just as important as the PR itself. And, what you do with your PR in terms of leveraging it beyond the day it aired or published, is also equally as important.  

There are no magic pills in PR, but executed correctly, PR can and does produce magic. 

Not sure what I mean – I recently conducted a PR campaign for a client to launch a new event which they wanted to turn into a National, annual event.  I ensured they had everything in place, should the campaign go viral. And viral it did. 

This campaign worked because it was a great story, pitched well to aligned outlets, a clear campaign once a reader reached the website, easily contactable client, easy to get involved in the event and nationwide relevance to a mainstream audience.

The result – a campaign which secured over 115 media stories across Australia including digital, socials, government websites, print, radio and a TV website. Heaps of content to leverage in the lead up to the next event and great relationships built with the media not to mention brand awareness and credibility for the organisation, to attract more interest from other businesses and sponsorship. 

Don’t seek a magic PR pill, seek to ensure your business is set up for PR and the magic will happen!