This is a very common question although many business owners already have the belief that TV must be best. This misconception is what I will discuss as although TV may sound like the most exciting option and the one that will reach the biggest audience, it is not always the best option or indeed an option for some businesses at all. 

Here are 10 considerations when deciding which media form is right for you and your business:

  1. Am I confident talking live to a journalist, be camera facing or sit in a radio studio being interviewed live on air?
  2. Have I ever been in the media before? If not, do you want to risk being interviewed live and not doing it well? 
  3. Can you handle difficult questions confidently? 
  4. Where is your audience that you want to reach? Do they watch the TV station you think you want to be on? 
  5. Is your story mainstream with broad appeal? 
  6. Can you handle public criticism? 
  7. Do I want to support my SEO and social media content and have digital links to share? 
  8. Do I have the time to commit to booking in podcast interviews? 
  9. Am I available at short notice for TV and radio interviews? 
  10. Do I have expert voices and complimenting experts, quality video footage and images to support my story?

Deciding to pitch to one particular form of media takes consideration and is something I discuss with each of my clients early on before any pitching takes place. Some businesses or owners are simply not suited to one type but excellent for another and it is important to know that prior to embarking on a PR journey. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts….