The short answer is yes in most cases.

However, there are a few considerations before you do. Firstly, as a publicist it is my job to make sure that I am not pitching the same story to competing outlets; for example, here in Australia, I wouldn’t pitch to two TV stations at the same time. I would wait until I either had a no from one or had exhausted my follow-up attempts before pitching to another.

The next consideration is, does the story have scope for other media outlets – generally it will. For example, if you had pitched to your local newspaper, you may then also approach a local radio station – 2 different formats are often a great option. Other media forms that can have the same story are podcasts – I pitched one client, the same story, to around 30 different podcasts and secured around 8-10 for him allowing him to make several sales and generate many more leads. He knew that his audience listened to podcasts and that was where he could reach them in large numbers.

Another consideration is ensuring that although the story may be the same, the way you pitch it is likely going to change from simple things such as – stating that your listeners as opposed to your readers, offering an additional voice for a story, or sending images for print and digital publications, providing a location for filming for TV. IT is important to consider the needs of the outlet when pitching.

Quite often a personal backstory will be a part of many stories that you pitch similarly what you do and who you help, are all part of your pitch and will appear in multiple outlets. It is of the moment, breaking news stories that won’t be pitched multiple times and is unlikely to be pitched to multiple outlets and rather get picked up by other outlets once published. Most media outlets don’t want old news or want the same story as others!

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