Rowan Smith

Publicity Campaign – January 2022

Key Campaign Strategies

  • Position Rowan as an authority and expert within his industry
  • Reach a new audience
  • Generate new leads
  • Educate a new audience
  • Connect and build relationships with a new range of podcasters

The Problem

Summit Strength, an online company providing personal training for hikers preparing for the adventure of their life, wanted to be featured in industry relevant podcasts to speak to potential clientele within a niche market. Rowan new that this strategy had worked for him in the past however he simply didn’t have the time to research and connect with podcasters.

What We Did

We identified 30 potential podcasts within Rowan’s niche. We recognised that Rowan, aside from his website, had no media pack or overview of him and his work, which is useful to be able to send to podcasters as a quick reference and understanding of Rowan’s expertise. Therefore, we wrote and designed a media pack for Rowan which was used to accompany our pitches.

The Result

We secured 5 reputable, industry-specific podcast appearances which to date have successfully converted into 6 new clients which equates to more than a 400% ROI. The appearances also generate fresh content for Rowan to leverage and add to his growing list of media appearances, thereby adding credibility to his service, further positioning him as the expert in his industry whilst also generating new leads and sales.


The aim for Rowan’s campaign was to secure podcast interviews as he knew from experience that this form of media worked for him and generated quality leads. Having already featured on a number of Aus based podcasts, our focus was on researching some new options, both in Aus or US. We then pitched Rowan as the expert in his field along with a selection of speaking topics. To support our pitch we created a pitch document for Rowan.

Coverage Secured

The Life of Py

Perth Based Trails, Photography & Travel Blog Exploring Australia.

Founded by Mark Pybus – a Western Australian based writer Sharing hiking, travel, photography experiences from around Australia.

Real Trail Talk

Real Trail Talk is a Western Australian hiking podcast created by Mark from The Life of Py and Donovan from The Long Way’s Better so they can discuss their  passion for hiking, their favourite trails and engage with the hiking community. The topics will vary each fortnight with special guests contributing to the discussion depending on the theme for that episode.

Broken Laces - A Hiker's podcast

Broken Laces is a hiker podcast featuring stories from those in the outdoor industry. Hear how policy advocates, parkrangers, trail angels, weekend backpackers,thru-hikers, and authors work within the outdoor hike and brewery recommendations each episode. Frequency 10 episodes/year.

BU Adventures

Discover and connect with your adventurous spirit and learn how you can revive your connection to nature. Maryanne Spiers is a long-time adventurer, fitness guru and
athlete. BU Adventures is the business Maryanne set up in 2020 with the aim to train, empower and inspire women from all walks of life to get out in nature to walk, hike, trek, run, swim, cycle, kayak…. IYWD Podcast will bring a selection of interviews with other Adventurers, leaders in the outdoor field as well as health and wellness experts. All designed to bring you closer to nature!

Backpacking & Blisters: A Hiking, Backpacking and Adventure Show

Tips and tales…with a sense of humour. For all hikers, backpackers, campers, adventurers and people who love the outdoors.

Join Carl and Derek to learn more about the adventure that is backpacking and the wilderness.

By Land Podcast

By Land is an outdoor publication focused on bridging social gaps that often exist within the outdoor industry by covering backcountry hunting, thru-hiking, weekend backpacking adventures, and other outdoor activities all in the same place.

All the wilderness requires of you is an open mind and a willingness to learn and that is what By Land is all about.

Project Mindfully Outdoors Podcast

Project mindfully outdoors is the place to turn to combat the obstacles that come along with mental health. Three-time a week host and author Mike Martin presents fresh new ideas and tuff conversations that will lead us towards growth and finding the version of who we can be.


  • Secured interviews with 6 podcasts during a challenging time for his industry and podcasters with the COVID pandemic
  • Known leads generated and converted – 5 which equates to over 400% ROI!
  • Increased awareness of brand
  • Reached new audience
  • Increased trust and credibility with existing audience
  • Converted leads can be nurtured for further referrals


  • Maintain a relationship with the podcasters by sharing and tagging on socials as later collabs may be possible.
  • Display your media coverage on a media page/appeared in page on your website
  • Link back to podcast episodes that reference a topic you are sharing on socials to reinforce your credibility and build trust
  • Use your pitch document to support further pitches and connect with new podcasters
  • Ask your audience which podcasts they enjoy listening to
  • Consider a second campaign in 9 months time perhaps focussed on females/lifestyle


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