Reaching the media with your stories is our passion and we do this by first getting to know you and your passion; the how, why, when, where, what, who. We will dig and delve into how you operate, who your team is, your backstory and more, all in the name of unearthing those media-worthy stories that you had no idea were lurking. Of course, more will present themselves and more opportunities will arise.

Diving deep into your business to unearth relevant and topical media stories is just the beginning. We also offer our Big Things Stunt Package.

A stunt is our chance to create a situation, event or act, that would provide us with an opportunity to pitch to the media, or even attract their attention. We love to come up with creative ideas for these!

Then comes the fun part

Once we have your media worthy stories, we begin identifying the most aligned media targets with the aim of securing you coverage and bringing in leads from your ideal customer.

Although existing relationships with the media play a crucial part in this process, building new ones is equally important and something we pride ourselves on doing very successfully, no matter where in the world they are located.

What is also crucial is the ability to write a tailored, personalised and enticing pitch to hook the attention of that journalist!

If you are ready to utilise the media to catapult your Big Thing thing into the living rooms of your audience contact us today.